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N.KOITABASHI:Bass Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
KATSU:Vocal/Dance Facebook / Instagram
ME:Vocal Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
HIROKI:Guitar Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Representing their own category “Digital Groove Rock”, 1.G.K is the rock band under the concept of expressing “the way of life” through the music they create as they please.
They are widely supported not only domestically but throughout Europe, North America, and a number of other countries.
One of the many characteristics of 1.G.K is Katsu (Vocal), who has won the 2nd place of an international breakdancing competition. In their live, taking advantage of his background, the stage performance inspired by his unique approach to the music harmonizing with the band is definitely the one that can’t be seen anywhere else.
Also Katsu is the only Japanese nominated as the “Finalist 20” in the international remix contest of “The Catalyst” by Linkin Park. His programming skill has been highly recognized and even Linkin Park themselves spoke very highly of him.
In 2011, “Random Attacks” was selected as the official sound track of the Japan qualifier of the annual international breakdance competition “Battle of the Year” held in Germany and France. A lot of dance crews have been using their music for their showcases in the competition. They are also extremely popular in the Double Dutch scene. 1.G.K has been raising awareness in the worldwide street scene.
In the showcase of Battle of the Year 2011, A good friend of 1.G.K “Mortal Combat”, a Japanese B-Boy crew, used “Dragon”, which is on sale in iTunes store.
They also collaborated with extraordinary Yumihiko Amano, who drew album covers and illustrations of them.
In their Live, they have also collaborated with leading artists of the Japanese club scene such as Shinichi Oosawa, Masaki Nomiya, and Tei Towa.
In famous TED, which the former president of the United States Bill Clinton, researchers, and other artists in the various fields joined, 1.G.K joined TEDxKyoto exceptionally as a rock band.
Teaming up with a movie production company “Bran.co”, they made the full CG music clip “Life”.
Also collaborating with the charismatic Uzumaki of Osaka, they have been fully active breaking through the barriers of different scenes.
In 2015, they started the new chapter by reforming the band with existing members Katsu and Hiroki adding Me the former member of twenty4-7, Riki the original member of 1.G.K, and N. Koitabashi the old friend of 1.G.K.
On June 28th, 2015. The 1st E.P “Re:Birth” was launched but only available in the venue. July 1st, in the same year, it was released online in 89 countries worldwide.
In Takasaki Music Festival 2016, on July 2nd and 3rd, they were chosen as a finalist, and performed along with Tomoyasu Hotei.
On April 6th, 2016. “Gate Keeper” was launched along with the music video.
On Aug. 17th, 2016. “Zero” was launched along with the lyric video.
On Oct. 19th, 2016. “The Most Beautiful Hands” was launched along with the music video.
On Oct. 23rd, 2016. They restarted an integrated art event “Belief”, where artists, performers, dancers, and musicians share the same space using music as a medium to respect and inspire the different genres that don’t usually intersect each other. The unprecedented concept quickly drew public attention, and it attracted a capacity crowd every time.
On February 3rd, 2017. 1st Full Album “Circle” was released online all over the world.
On Feb 11th, 2017 at Kyoto Muse, and Feb. 25th, 2017 at Shibuya Club Asia in Tokyo, “Belief” was held as their album release party. Tickets were widely sold in Tokyo and sold out in Kyoto.

“Belief” The abridged version

They also provide music for TV and web advertisement such as “Shadowverse” of Cygames, and Wacoal Holdings Corp. which headquarters is located in Kyoto.