■Members / L to R
HIROKI:Guitar Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
KATSU:Vocal/Dance Facebook / Instagram
ME:Vocal Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
N.KOITABASHI:Bass Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

■ History
Rock Band of Kyoto who is carrying out activities based on the concept of ‘DIGITAL GROOVE ROCK’ and ‘The way of life’ and ‘Next generation · Culture · Bridge’ concept.
We receive support not only from Japan, but also from overseas such as Europe and America.

1. As one of the charms of G. K KATSU (Vocals) which is also DANCER boasts the second place in the world with Break Dance, and in the live it has its own Dance
Approach with 1.G.K introductory approach. It also features a staging element that creates a unique space that is not unique.

KATSU also won the FINALIST 20 only in Japan at the REMIX contest of LINKIN PARK “the catalyst” which was held worldwide in 2010,
It has a reputation for its Programming sense that it is acclaimed by the principals.
“Random Attacks” is selected as the official sound track of the 2011 Japan Preliminary Competition of the “Battle of the Year” World Dress Competition Break dance held in Germany and France every year.
At the tournament, Showcase sound source is 1. G.K music using dance crew, and also boasts a tremendous popularity in the double-dutch world, has already begun to increase awareness from the street scene.

Single “Dragon” released at iTunes store is good friends of 1.G.K and Japan’s B-BOY Crew “Mortal combat” active in the world is used as a showcase sound source at the Battle of the Year 2010 world convention. In the blink of an eye, the existence of 1.G.K became well known and received not only from Japan, but also from overseas such as Europe and America.

Collaborate with art gallery artist Amano Arkho who attracts people with unique imagination with 1. G.K illustration art and album jacket picture.

In live performance together with artists with Osawa Shinichi, Nomiya Maki, TEI TOWA and other representatives of Japan side.
Bill Clinton (Former US President, politician) etc participated in various fields of researchers and artists will be speaking worldwide
An unusual band appearance at TED × KYOTO (2012/9/16) where that Japan was held.

Beginning in 2015, the new members of 1.G.K began as new members joining existing members KATSU, HIROKI, ME of the original twenty 4-7, RIKI of the initial member, N.KOITABASHI which is an old friend and added.

From June 28, 2015, we will release 1st E.P. “Re: Birth” at the venue only. From July 1 the same year, the same sound source was distributed simultaneously in 89 countries.

April 6, 2016 Delivery with “Gate Keeper” Music Video.

He appeared in TAKASAKI MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 held on July 2, 2016 and advanced to the finals stage. I play with Mr. Tomoyasu Hotei.

August 17, 2016 “ZERO” Delivered with Lyric Video.

October 19, 2016 Delivered along with “The Most Beautiful Hands” Music Video.

October 23, 2016. As one of the places where genres that are not commonly associated with each other are released in the same space and are universally intersected with each other as a bridge, “Music” common to all actors, performers, dancers, and bandmen, are organized by 1. GK from 2011 as one of the place to respect and stimulate A general Art event that started. Restart “Belief”.
The unprecedented event color boasts topics and boasts a track record of full packing every time.

February 3, 2017, 1st Full Album “Circle” released nationwide, the worldwide distribution start.
“Gate Keeper” MV is introduced by Kansai TV “Sound Emo” Monthly Pickup, “The Most Beautiful Hands” is the “Music File” of ABC Mainichi Broadcasting
It will be picked up as a monthly pickup.

February 11, 2017 “Kyoto MUSE”, February 25, 2017 “Shibuya club asia” Album release event “Belief” held two big cities! Kyoto MUSE performance is SOLD OUT! The Tokyo performance also holds great success. TV CM Cygames We are also producing sound sources such as “Shadowverse” sound source and webCM such as Wacoal headquartered in Kyoto.

April 29, 2018 KYOTO Belief Executive Committee / General corporate foundation change and “Belief World Heritage Toji Temple Fes” sponsored. Number of visitors stated 2000 people succeed.

April 27, 2019 “2nd Belief Toza Fes” decision to hold.

April 25, 26, 2020 (2days) Under the co-hosted by Kyoto City, “Belief Heian Shrine Jesus Fes” was decided to be held.